25 Apr

Trump says “nothing will stop” him from wiping out opioids

Tim Kephart

ATLANTA (CBS46) — President Donald Trump told an Atlanta crowd Wednesday that his administration is using every resource it has to fight the nation’s opioid crisis, saying “nothing is going to stop” him from wiping it out.

President Trump said his administration has secured $6 billion in federal dollars over two years to fight opioid abuse, but the epidemic won’t be solved overnight. The president made his remarks at the 8th Annual Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit where he was joined by First Lady Melania Trump.

President and Mrs. Trump arrived at Hartsfield International Airport just before 1 p.m. Friday before making their way downtown to the Hyatt Regency Hotel for the drug summit where he began speaking a little after 1:45 p.m.

The president’s motorcade was met with dozens of protesters in downtown Atlanta. The protesters were not able to get close to the facility where President Trump was speaking.

President Trump declared a nationwide public health emergency about opioids in October of 2017. His administration led their own ‘take back day” where they said 456 tons of expired or unneeded prescription drugs were collected. Georgia ranks 11th nationally in terms of opioid deaths. In 2015, more than 500 people died from an overdose.

Opioid abuse claimed nearly 48,000 American lives in 2017. The number of prescriptions for opioid painkillers filled in the U.S. fell substantially in 2017, but it’s unclear if the opioid problem is declining

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